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Welcome to New Media Networks

New Media Networks provides Business class Website Hosting, Domain Name Hosting, Domain Name Registration Services, Mail Hosting and Professional Network Services to a wide range of National and International companies.

New Media Networks also provides co-location facilities at our Network Installation in Auckland for those users wanting to access serious broadband and optimal peering environment. The benefits of co-location with New Media Networks include:

  • Securely monitored environment.
  • Physical security includes double doors with both doors alarmed, air space monitored by infra red.
  • Fibre diversity into IDC room.
  • Escorted 5 x 8 access available during business hours.
  • Full 7 x 24 network support.
  • Rack size: 19" rack, 600mm deep, 1.5m per rack.
  • Dedicated 10/100mb connection to the network.

If you have any questions or wish discuss our services and products, please contact us today

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